You talk like i spend ALL DAY following rainbow dash. I’ve got all kinds of sports stuff, cutie mark crusaders business and important things i’ve got to do. Like taking a fan to the bathroom. Because reasons.

Scoot your more awesome then dash

Weirdo sunglasses ball calling others weird.

how did Dash react to you being an alicorn

She didn’t buy it, but she didn’t tell nopony either. She’s cool and stuff, said it was a pretty cool prank.

excuse me, you just made a threat for BREAKING AND ENTERING , which is a SERIOUS CRIME. Cutie Mark Crusader inmate. Your going down town punk

EEEXCUUUSE ME princess, but the Scootaloo ain’t tied by nopony’s rules. Especially yours, or whatever. I mean, like, stuff and… Blah, i got nothing.

Recomended meal! Wait, from a restaurant? Who eats at restaurants when there’s fast food places? Just get a burger.

Or ten.

fluttershy2 is gay, this is canon probably.

No, U.

It was fake, Okay?

And i regret nothing! I still got lots of free stuff out of it and Snips has been carrying my books everywhere since.

Hwat? Smoke? Hwat Smoke? Fluttershy, you crazy.